With Marc Clopton & Charles Van Eman
7 pm Mondays, February 13, April 24, May 15,
and Saturday March 25 10am to 1 pm

Improv is both fun and remarkably freeing. We will focus on the basics of improv: accepting the offer, always saying yes, and getting out of the analytic brain. The exercises we use promote spontaneity, and, more importantly, help to create a direct connection to our impulse center. Find out how much more expression you can bring to your work, whatever your work might be. It's not just for actors. Classes open to people at all levels of experience. Wear comfortable clothes.

        Charles Van Eman is a veteran actor whose television and film credits include Sea of Trees, Chasing Life, Reckless, Drop Dead Diva, 96 Minutes, Vampire Diaries, Prison Break, Ghost Whisperer, CSI Miami, All My Children, and The Colbys. on stage at The Actors Studio of Newburyport,The Goat or Who is Sylvia, and in his own play, Jack's Hat.
        He is the author of two novels, On The Way To Pomona and The Weight of Loss. His one man show, Beginners Mind was first staged in Los Angeles and also produced in Newburyport by Marc Clopton and Fontaine Dubus.
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Next class: Saturday, March 25, 2017.   10am - 1pm
Fee: $35 per class.  

Call 978-465-1229 or e-mail to register.