WOMEN's HERStory Month - Knowing Women
        by Suzanne Logan

* at TASN *
March 9-11, Fri/Sat 8pm, Sun 5pm

In their 60's, playwright, Suzanne Logan and photographer, Barbara Wilbur, set out in a red pick up truck to find some female elders whose stories might inform the lives of upcoming generations. Their wide-ranging adventure produced an abundant collection of interviews and photos of American women, all in their 90's. Out of those interviews Ms. Logan formed this play.

From the wife of sociologist, Lewis Mumford, to a dust bowl survivor and a Kentucky sharecropper mother of 12, Knowing Women, explores the values and life experiences of five women from distinctly different social strata whose epoch was the first half of the 20th century.

The play is crafted with the frank and unguarded words of the five real women who are portrayed. The specifics of each woman's life, as she recalls it, highlight how varied life is within our one culture, yet how similar women's roles and identities have been defined despite obvious economic and cultural disparities.

Directed by Kathleen Isbell. Cast: Kate Bossi, Maureen Daley, Kathleen Isbell, Julie McConchie, Maureen McDonald

Tickets: $15
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