Why Men Gather

Friday January 12, 2018     7pm
Charles Van Eman & Marc Clpton host
an evening of conversation and camaraderie

A remarkable life rarely prospers in a void. Our modern lifestyles often include a change of job, a move, marriage, divorce, retirement, and loss. As men grow older we often find ourselves without compatriots to discuss our yearnings, struggles, victories and pain. Consequently, we can find ourselves isolated or slowed in our growth as men by this lack of mentorship, sharing, and vulnerability. Why Men Gather is a night to celebrate our wins, gain insight into our challenges, and begin living lives of deeper connection within ourselves and with those we love. In friendship we are not alone.

Charles and Marc both have extensive experience in exploring meaningful ritual and creating sacred space. Both have studied with shamans from a number of different cultures finding great commonality within cultures regarding the need to gather. Men across the world have a need to gather with each other and to strengthen our bonds and to share wisdom. We see this gathering as a starting point; a chance to begin a conversation that is inclusive of all men - married, single, divorced, widowed, gay straight, trans, or bi. Our lives change - yet the need for community never lessens. Please join us.

Tickets: $35 (includes food, soft drinks, beer and wine)
Tickets are available online through Brown Paper Tickets.