Glass Ceilings - A Playfest of Women's Voices

September 15-24 - Fri/Sat 8pm, Sun 5pm

"In my view, all that is necessary for faith is the belief that by doing our best we shall come nearer to success and that success in our aims (the improvement of the lot of mankind, present and future) is worth attaining." Rosalind Franklin PhD.

"Glass Ceilings" is a collection of four one-act plays written and directed by women. The challenges, accomplishments, disappointments and successes presented in these short plays engage, entertain, inspire, amuse and take us on a journey through lifes moments, big and small, from the feminine perspective. The playwrights are Kathleen Miller, Judith Nies, Adair Rowland, and Edith Wharton. Our directors are Kathleen Isbell, Hailey Klein, Anna Smulowitz and Sally Nutt.

Three contemporary plays are set alongside Edith Whartons "Roman Fever," based on her 1934 short story of the same name, as we chart the haltering expansion of the historically proscribed arenas in which women have found a foothold and sought to thrive. In "Cassandras ReVision," immortals, Cassandra and Apollo, get reacquainted in the age of the internet - can the old paradox be resolved? In "Bellas Choice," Bella Abzug runs for U.S. Senate in 1976 when all the odds are against her. In "Dr. Franklin's Spiral Staircase," Rosalind Franklin, PhD, finds her breakthrough imaging of the DNA strand (1952) stolen by unscrupulous male scientists.

Tickets: $20 Adults/ $18 Students and Seniors
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