Dancing On A Volcano - A Documentary Film

Saturday, June 17 at 7pm - inc BYOB and Hors D'oeuvres

        This documentary is an account of the gradual escape from Nazi occupied Europe of certain members of the Hammerman family. The central figure in this film is Nadja Kalfel, the mother of West Newbury resident, Jesse Kalfel. Many in the Newburyport area have met Nadja during her frequent visits here. Now, at age 105, Nadja is no longer traveling and remains in her home in New York City. We want to share this intimate documentary of Nadja and her family's flight from Vienna and Paris. We will hear in her own words along with images captured on film of the heart stopping, step-by-step exodus of this extraordinary family.

        What makes this documentary even more engaging is Nadja's relationship with the Chilean Consulate General in Paris who helped save her family. The General gave Nadja a new identity where she became Juana Merino to protect her from the Nazis. This allowed her to stay in Paris. And with Nadja's help, he was able to send hundreds of Jews, political activists, and other people who opposed Hitler to Chile; a Chilean version of Oskar Schindler.

        Nadja has had a vibrant career as an illustrator and a fine artist, serving as fashion illustrator for the New York Times (where she mentored Andy Warhol) and also created illustrations for many cosmetic and hairstyle companies. In fact, together with Antoine de Paris, she helped create the Beehive hairdo. Selected pieces of her art will be available at the screening for purchase.

Admission: By donation at the door
        A portion of the proceeds will help support The Actors Studio of Newburyport

Also, BYOB; We will enjoy Hors D'oeuvres and drinks while we watch and discuss.