Acting For The Non-Actor with Kathleen Isbell

      Why should actors have all the fun!

      I call this class 'Acting for the Non-Actor' because no prior stagecraft or stage experience is necessary. However, for the experienced actor this is a master class in acting because we explore authenticity, emotional honesty and truth. These are the finest qualities a trained actor can bring to a performance, the qualities that elevate craft to art. And they are the qualities that can lend depth, insight and joy to our everyday lives.
      In our culture we are often discouraged from expressing strong emotion whether it is a negative emotion like anger or sadness or even excessive joy. "Keep a lid on it!" "Don't make waves!" While it may be advisable to repress feelings SOME OF THE TIME it is not advisable to do it ALL OF THE TIME. But how do we 'make friends' with our emotions? When and where do we get to practice expressing them so that they can be refined enough to use them effectively and positively in our everyday lives?
      In 'Acting for the Non-Actor' I create a safe, fun and specific way to explore and express these emotions. Here we do not just relegate emotions to the prison of our minds. We act out! I invite you to come and play!

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